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The surroundings, where you buy a puppy from, is significant

The surroundings, where you buy a puppy from, is significant

A puppy is not a thing that is why it is important to pay attention to its breeding place, parents‘ appearance and owners.


Don‘t be in a hurry! There are a lot of different dogs for sale, so visit more than one breeder if it is possible. Examine your future pet‘s parents, their mental features, talk to the breeder. After that you will be able to overview your future pet‘s surroundings, you will find out how to take care about it.

Advantages if you buy a dog from the breeder:

  1. You get all the information about offsprings and their parents;
  2. You see the conditions where puppies were born and live;
  3. You get all the breeder‘s recommendations (he knows how to take care about the dog, what should be taken into consideration);
  4. You find out about the feeding pecularities, hygiene, communication and upbringing fields; the biggest advantage – eye-to-eye contact;
  5. You can continue communicating with the breeder in future if you have some questions about your pet;
  6. The breeder consults, help to upbring and educate your pet;
  7. You meet the breeder in the shows and exhibitions;
  8. Many breeders have their own traditions and you with your dog will become a part of it;
  9. The breeders always understand your wish to have a dog, they will enquire about your living place and give advice about the best breed to keep according to all the factors;
  10. It is recommended to visit the breeder with your family. You will be able to ask different questions about the future friend and the breeder will get aquainted with you and your family members.

If you don‘t buy the dog from the breeder, you won‘t get any advantages mentioned above. However, it is your own decision where to buy a dog from.